Thursday, 26 March 2020

Every cloud has a silver lining

Whatever is going on in our lives, I believe it always helps if we try to look at things in as positive a way as we can.

The world is going through a time which could be termed `an initiation`, or an opportunity for a global change of outlook. I have heard it likened to what it was like in the second world war when life changed for so many people. (I was born just after the war ended, but I still remember dried bananas and my mum talking about what it was like trying to make things out of powdered eggs! )

I think one of the positive things which happened during the war, was that everyone was drawn together in a much closer way. Social barriers were broken down and people helped one another more than ever before. Now, with the Corona Virus, although we are `socially distancing` there is a growing feeling of `we are all in this together - we must help one another.` People are freely volunteering to look out for the vulnerable, to do their shopping, check they are OK etc. 
Chatting together about this, my son, Michael, (who is now on a `work at home` regime as so many people are,) showed me the list he had written of positive outcomes:

Benefits for the environment (e.g. even dolphins and swans reappearing in Venice canals)
Vast improvement in air quality (e.g. statistics that the number of people in China who would not now die of air pollution far exceeds the number dying from the virus).
Far less crime
Families coming closer together
More people thinking more of others and helping in the community. 

So there are still many things to feel happy and positive about as we go forward into spring time, and our positive thoughts and feelings help our personal well being, and everyone around us! 

As always, there is so much encouragement in White Eagle`s wise words:
'We see a beautiful shining light that is beyond the clouds, and so we bring you this message of hope.....All will be well. Have no fear. Give your trust, that is all. Trust and have courage. The tests you are called upon to undergo have their bright side and the cloud has not just a silver lining, but even a golden one!` (from 'Seeking Serenity').

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

The Protective Power of Positive Thought

There are many issues in the world today which are troubling people. The current outbreak of the Corona virus is one example.

Worldwide and instant communication is a great blessing in some ways, and has certainly changed our lives from even a few decades ago. It has brought greater understanding and openness between cultures all around the globe. However, the downside of being told in detail what is going on everywhere is that it can definitely increase the  amount of negative thought and fear around the subject being reported.

Even before the outbreak of this particular virus, I was very aware of the added importance of visualising the world bathed in silver light, seeing this light radiating from the Star, filled with the Wisdom Ray from the Angels of Mercury. Mercury (with Jupiter)  helps uplift the consciousness of people to the light and a deeper understanding of God`s great Wisdom (even if this is an unconscious happening). If we can work consciously with this silver ray, breathing in the Wisdom of God, and breathing out any negative thought as soon as it arises, it is the most powerful protection we could need! We all know how powerful thought is, and when it is aligned with the `silver ray` and a steady faith in God`s wisdom, and the opportunity every seeming trouble brings, we can be like shining knights spreading light and hope wherever we go!

As White Eagle says in The Quiet Mind: 'Never fear for your journey ahead, for as God has watched over you all your life and, in spite of your fears, has brought you through all the trials and sorrows of your life, so He will take you throught the darkest vale, into the light.'

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Miracle of Springtime

After the long dark nights of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, what a joy it is as, towards the end of January, it starts to become noticeably lighter in the morning and the evening sun sets later. 

I often think what it must have been like to live by candle and lamplight before the invention of electricity! Light is so important for our happiness and wellbeing, and I am thankful for the blessings of our modern lives - even though some things may be harder to count as blessings!

But, for me, the most joyous moments are to see before my eyes the 'miracle' of re-birth as the first of our spring flowers appear. Actually, we have had a very mild winter, and so already there are primroses in the hedgerows and snowdrops in New Lands garden.

I am sure you will have loved, as much as I do, the glorious cover photo of spring flowers on our February Stella Polaris! As soon as I saw it, I felt an awakening in my heart, and a reminder that dark testing days do not last forever. So, if you have had a tough and challenging last few months, the flowers bring hope, speak to us of new joy unfolding in our lives, and remind us that no matter how 'grey' our days may seem, we can bask in the sunshine of heavenly light!

On page eighty six of our magazine,  White Eagle reminds us: 'Look anywhere you like in nature, and if you ponder and meditate upon what you see you will call the demonstration a miracle. Plant your bulbs in the earth and each year you will be rewarded by a miracle!'

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Small Steps can make a World of Difference!

An important part of our family Christmas day - as  I am sure it is for so many - is listening to the Queen`s speech. Many people were particularly interested this year in what she might say, as it must have been a particularly challenging year for her personally. (And, of course, since Christmas,those challenges have increased even more). 

I found her speech very inspiring, and learnt later that she had written it herself. Something which particularly touched me was what she said about `small steps can make a world of difference`. The Queen went on to refer to the angels` message of peace and goodwill saying, `It is a timely reminder of what positive things can be achieved when people set aside past differences in the spirit of friendship and reconciliation. And, as we all look forward to the start of a new decade, it is worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change.`

So as we move forward now into this very significant new decade when I believe there is a hugely positive feeling of goodwill in so many hearts, and a longing to `save our planet`, maybe this is a good time for each of us to think of the small additional steps we can take in our own lives. As Lao Tse said, `A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step`, and in White Eagle`s words: `Try never to think I am so insignificant I can do nothing. The world needs all the positive God-thought which you can project. There is great need for your untiring service.` (quoted from `Healing the World`.)

Sunday, 17 November 2019

'When the world pushes you to your knees, you are in a perfect postion to pray.'

I came upon this lovely Sufi saying the other day. I hope you like it too. (There is a deep connection between the beautiful wisdom of the White Eagle teaching and Sufi philosophy and I believe that White Eagle himself was a Sufi teacher in one of his many lives.)

So many people seem to be going through particularly challenging times in their personal lives at the present time. I am sure it is part of the opportunity the new Aquarian age energy is bringing for learning greater compassion and understanding of the lessons to be learned through suffering. Although maybe we don't often actually get down on our knees to pray, just the thought of doing so is very symbolic of simple surrender to the Will of God and trust in the love and omnipotence of the Creator of the world. Or, in the terminology White Eagle uses, to be on our knees is symbolic of surrender and acceptance, and an inner saying of 'Not my will O Lord, Thy Will.'

I find these words in our White Eagle book of prayer very inspiring:

'Daily seek the presence of God. Remember every morning as you wake and every evening as you go to rest, that you are held within the love of your heavenly Father-Mother, and you will be upllifted and relieved of all tension. Open your heart to the in-flow of that great Sun-life, till your whole being, body and soul and spirit, becomes charged again and again with divine Life flowing eternally from the heart of God.'

If we can do this after being on our knees in prayer, we will indeed become shining lights to lift the hearts of many!