Thursday, 3 June 2021

Surrender to God's Love

 Warm summer sunshine is blessing these early days of June, and helping everyone feel happier, after a cold wet May and the restrictions the pandemic has brought into all our lives.

This morning I opened White Eagle`s book of meditation 'The Still Voice' at page 109 which is entitled 'Surrender to God's Love'.

He says, 'If you will contemplate for a moment the intricate beauty of a butterfly's wing, or the petals of a rose, you will perhaps begin to glimpse the perfect plan which is in the mind of your Creator; you will know that all is good, all is working in obedience to divine law.'

We can learn so much from the careful observation of the natural world around us; it can bring great comfort to watch the unfolding new life as winter turns into spring, and spring to summer...the same pattern year after year. 

 Although the pandemic has been and still is very hard for many people, there have been some outcomes which can be seen as positive. More people are being encouraged to take time out to notice and enjoy the beauties of nature, and to grow things - even if their only outdoor space is a little balcony. There is an even greater awakening to our need to look after the natural resources of our beautiful planet, and the way in which every creature, every insect, has its part to play in the wonder of God's plan for life on earth. I have taken delight in noticing that there do seem to be more butterflies around, and more bees too. The other day an exquisite little caterpillar crawled across my path; he/she was stunningly beautiful, basking in the morning sunshine. Even insects which we may not like very much have their part to play in the great scheme of things! And in just the same way, the happenings in our lives, which we may not like very much, bring us valuable lessons, with an opportunity to trust the process of life and 'surrender to God's love'.

 Later on in the passage mentioned above, White Eagle goes on to say:

'A sparrow shall not fall to the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.' When he said this, Jesus was trying to convey how great is God's love for you, God's child. If you could only surrender yourself to the divine law and understand that what is happening to you is all part of a perfect outworking of this law, then you could be at peace.'

 Comforting words for us all at this time...and as we watch the butterflies, bees and insects enjoying the sunshine, maybe they can be a reminder of God's amazing plan for all life, including our own, and help us feel that all really will be well, whatever the challenges we are currently facing.

Friday, 7 May 2021

Wings of Light

I had a lovely surprise just shortly after my local Sports and Community Centre reopened. Fluttering in the Spring sunshine were some pretty silver cut-outs of birds in flight. And beside them an inspiring notice which reads:

'Birds remind us of the multitude both living and dead who accompany us through our lives. Birds are everywhere; in the sky, gathered in trees, in parks and on the street. They are part of the everyday.

Birds can fly long distances, but also play a part in what makes each place and our communities unique. This year we can make the birds a unique symbol to help us remember all those who lost their lives in the covid pandemic.'

The physical loss of our loved ones is a very sad fact of life. Whether our lives are long or short, every one of us will die one day.

Obviously the Covid pandemic has made many people even more aware of the fragility of our earthly life, and the inevitability of death at some time...sooner or later...and the pain of physical loss. Fortunately I do not know personally anyone who has died from Covid during this time, but death, especially, when it is unexpected, and loved ones cannot be close at the time, is really hard to bear, and I am sure we have all been praying that the bereaved will be comforted - and some comfort can come in wonderful ways - the birth of a new baby in the family, the love of a pet, the beauty of spring time...

I am fortunate to have grown up with White Eagle's teaching, and the knowledge of reincarnation, and continuing contact with those whom we have loved in this and former lives. He helps us understand that when the moment of death comes, we are cared for in a very beautiful way, and lifted 'as on wings of light' by an angelic helper into the beautiful sunlit heaven world.

In 'White Eagle's Little Book of Comfort for the Bereaved' he tells us:

'The angel of death is present at every passing, no matter how it happens. That soul is caught up by the angel and is gently borne into the spirit. Usually the soul is in the form of a babe. The passing from the physical state to the next state is exactly the same as birth into the physical life; the soul appears to become like a little babe. The little form is built up above the physical body and is enfolded in the love of the angel of death. It is wrapped in the loving robe of the angel and borne away into its new state of life where other angels wait to minister to it and gradually awaken it to a state of awareness of its new life.'

You can also find support in White Eagle's book: 'A Guide for Living with Death and Dying'.

Friday, 23 April 2021

Stillness versus Busyness...a blog for Wesak

White Eagle says: ‘The Lord Buddha brought to humanity the message of peace and brotherhood. He brought the message of stillness.’

The spiritually powerful festival of Wesak, comes at the time of the full moon when the Sun
is in Taurus.  This year that is Tuesday 27th April.  However, all around this time the beautiful influence of the Buddha permeates the ether, and those who are sensitive to these things are often very aware of this.

However, over the years I have noticed that on the outer everyday level, there is likely to be an acceleration of factors which test our ability to hold onto our feeling of inner poise and that ‘all is well’ no matter what is happening out there in the world.

This year, following months of enforced isolation and lockdown, with the easing of restrictions everything is bursting into life and suddenly, it seems, there is noise and rush again, cars everywhere and queues for shops and barbers. I think this is actually bringing a special opportunity for working at the lesson of peace and love for our fellow human beings! Easy to feel irritation at the noise and bustle; harder to keep in focus the quiet inner centre of our being.

I find affirmations really helpful in this. When all is rush and bustle around me, and maybe inside there is a feeling of panic and how can I cope with this?, I affirm ‘I am Divine Peace; all is well’, thinking of the Star shining into my heart as I do this. It really does help, and enables me to enjoy people’s happiness at their new freedom. I also look often at The Quiet Mind, and especially the section on being Calm, Quiet and Steady!

White Eagle says: ‘You become over-driven and disturbed by little things, petty things. This you must not do. Pray to be the master in the lodge of your own being. Learn to rule your lodge with love and truth, wisdom and beauty.’

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Easter Resurrection

The symbol of the Easter egg, bringing delight to every chocolate loving heart (and not only children!) reminds us of the re-birth in all nature after the seeming death of winter time. One of the many deeply comforting aspects of White Eagle’s teaching – and very especially during this time of long drawn out lockdown – is the absolute certainty of what happens after the physical body dies. He tells us not only that death is not the end, but also what heaven is actually like! But more than this, he shows us how through meditative visualisation we can experience the beauty of the heaven world whilst still in physical bodies. We learn too that the crucifixion of suffering and dark winter days in our lives is not without a purpose, even though it seems terrible at the time and we may be crying from the depths of our hearts, ‘why, why, why?’

Here now are a few extracts from White Eagle’s Little Book of Comfort for the Bereaved which I hope will bring you and loved ones some comfort this Easter time.

‘In the spirit world there is the most perfect plan for the reception of every soul who leaves a physical body. A messenger is sent to welcome the newly-released soul from the physical body, to welcome them into a world of peace and beauty, a spiritual beauty such as you cannot understand.

‘When you see, in the outer world, violence and what appears to be the most terrible suffering, brought about by the ignorance and the selfishness of human kind, do remember the mercy of God and the power of God! The soul that is apparently leaving a tortured body is mercifully cloaked by a divine power. Inside, it is filled with indescribable joy and surprise. ‘Oh this is wonderful, this is beautiful, where am I?’. And the friend by his or her side will answer: ‘You are with friends; we have so much of interest to show you.’ Then that soul is led away to objects that are familiar, but beautiful. So you see, from our side of life death is non-existent: all is living eternally in that divine Love.’

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Thoughts for Mothers' Day

One of the many things I love about White Eagle's teaching is the clarity he has always given to the Mother aspect of the Creator. As a child I grew up praying to 'Our Father Mother God', and it has always seemed to me so natural and obvious that the Creator of all life has both aspects in equal balance. But there is something else which I find very important in his teaching about the Mother aspect, and this is that it does not matter whether we have incarnated this time around in a male or a female body, we all have mother qualities - like gentleness, caring and nurturing, which we can demonstrate in our lives and relationships. In our society, and in many cultures worldwide now, the Aquarian influence is starting to manifest clearly in the more equal part men are playing in the day to day care of their children.

So I believe that Mothering Sunday, which here in the UK is this Sunday 14th March, (and on different dates in other countries), can be a time for remembrance, prayer and celebration of the mothering qualities in us all, whether or not we are physical parents in this lifetime. In the special prayers we use in the White Eagle work for healing all world conditions, we pray that the influence of the Mother aspect of God, Divine Mother, will touch the intuitive hearts of men and women everywhere. This is my prayer this Mothering Sunday, (as well as remembrance of my own parents, who were wonderful role models of the caring qualities which I have tried to pass on to my own children).

And to complete these thoughts, I would like to share White Eagle's own words: a Meditation on page 75 of his book of meditation 'The Still Voice':

'Meditate on the angel of Peace, so quiet and still and very powerful, but all love. Her garment is the softest blue, like the sky, with a touch of rose pink and sunshine. It could almost be likened to mother-of-pearl. As you breathe in her influence, all care falls away, and your heart is stilled and stayed on God. As you breathe her influence out into the world, turbulent emotions are stilled, and a quietness comes into the hearts of human kind.'

Friday, 5 March 2021

'Thank You God, for my Feet'

During this Lockdown time, I have really missed by daily swim! I am lucky to have a nearby Sports Centre with a  large heated indoor pool, but of course, this has been closed again for some weeks now. This has meant I have concentrated on walking for my daily exercise, and I am so blessed to have beautiful countryside just outside my door.

For many of us during lockdown, walking (or running!) has become the most accessible form of exercise. This has led me to think more about feet! It is easy to take things for granted...unless there is a problem with them. So I have decided to say 'Thank you God for my feet!' every day before and after my walks. 

I have also been looking again at Jenny Beeken's inspiring book 'Standing, Sitting, Walking, Running'.* Its subtitle is 'How your posture affects your mind' and Jenny gives much helpful advice about this. In her chapter on walking she writes, 'Walking is one of the most wonderful actions of our human bodies, indeed of any body among the mammals of the planet, for as you walk you can feel just what is happening to the body and the effect it has on the mind and the whole self.'

I remember well in Jenny's classes how much attention she helped us give to our feet and indeed each individual toe, and how great it feels to walk barefoot, aware of every toe and every part of the foot, giving thanks meanwhile. On my travels in warm climates I have loved seeing how many local people go barefoot everywhere possible, and marvelled at the mountain guides and porters in the Himalayan mountains using only flip flops on their flexible feet!

I also recall often the reclining Buddha statues I have had the opportunity to see
and meditate beside. (The inscriptions on each individual toe can be a focal point for meditation in themselves!).

So a thought for these last weeks of lockdown, and any future time when our movement may be restricted, is to give thanks for the gift of your feet (even if you do not think they are very beautiful!) and the ability to move around (which sadly many people do not have due to political imprisonment, war wounds, disability or sickness).

And finally, advice from White Eagle (in the chapter called 'The Master's Way' in 'The Quiet Mind': 'The wise man does not argue, he remains silent and goes quietly on his path, concerned only with learning to follow in the footsteps of his Master.`

 *Polair publishing ISBN 978-1-905398-33-1

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Averting Farmageddon*

 I have just been watching another episode in the BBC TV series with Simon Reeve reflecting on his travels around the world in the last ten years. He is an extraordinary man, demonstrating so many Aquarian age qualities of deep interest in every culture, loving tolerance and compassion. The most recent compilation of his travels featured his visits to nature reserves and time spent with people who are dedicating their lives to caring for and protecting endangered species. Some of the facts he gives of the rate at which many are fast disappearing from our beautiful planet is horrifying. But there is hope! The sad things which are going on are brought out into the light of public awareness by people like Simon Reeve, but more than this, he also educates his viewers with new understanding of the importance of sharks as top of the food chain and the way they keep the whole eco-system of the oceans in balance.

The problem, as we all know, is the extent to which humankind have for years abused the animal kingdom without any thought of the long term consequences. But that is starting to change, and I think our current pandemic is helping this happen, even if only through the realisation that the virus probably originated through the consumption of animal parts. More people are starting to think again about their consumption of meat, and our TV now has many advertisements promoting the value of vegetarian and vegan products. Plant based diets are becoming the in thing, as the message becomes clearer too, that it is the desire to produce meat that is one thing which is fuelling global warming and the destruction of our rainforests and environment.

I have been a supporter for some time of the charity Compassion in World Farming and am very proud of the fact that it was started many years ago by brothers of the Lodge who were inspired by White Eagle`s teaching. Ylana Hayward, (now working in heavenly spheres) was one of the founding trustees, her work being continued by my cousin Jeremy. in their most recent magazine, writing about their work in this past year of the pandemic, they report that their `activists, donors and volunteers from around the world have come together in powerful new ways to:

End farming practices which cause animals pain and suffering; Change consumer attitudes about the food they choose; Transform the food system for a humane and sustainable future.` Wonderful Aquarian goals which I totally support and hold in my prayers. Our world is gradually changing and true brotherhood with our animal kingdom will come. 

I can still remember White Eagle saying, (speaking through the mediumship of my grandmother, Grace Cooke), that one day a vegetarian diet would be the norm because `there would not be the animals there to eat! And in the book `White Eagle on the Great Spirit`, he is quoted as saying,`The time is coming when conditions will be such on the earth that men and women will be fed entirely by the purest food supplied by the great Mother Earth.`  

*Averting Farmageddon is a headline in Compassion in World Farming`s magazine which `spoke` to me!