Monday, 1 June 2020

Gateways to Heaven

There is a lot in the news at the moment about illness and people dying, and this is distressing and can bring to the surface our own thoughts of death and also the fear of loss of those we love. Of course, at some time or another the moment of our passing will come, and that of our friends and family too. Indeed, one of the challenges of old age is the reality of death in the not too far distant future.

One of the many blessings of the White Eagle teaching is the knowledge it brings of the reality of the heaven world and the continuation of life after death of the physical body. It also helps us feel the continued presence of those we love, even when they have passed through the transition of so called death. I had the privilege of helping with the compilation of White Eagle's LITTLE BOOK OF COMFORT FOR THE BEREAVED and I have been looking at it again recently - the teaching is so practical and helpful. He says:

'When as it does to everyone in due course, the time comes for you to lay aside your own physical body, or to see a loved one withdraw from theirs, don`t concentrate your thoughts on the physical body. It disintegrates and goes the way ordained for it by Mother Earth, by Mother Nature....Just above the still form of the one who has passed on, you will see the gates will see the spirit of your loved one freed to a world of heavenly beauty.'

There are places on earth which I think of as 'gateways to heaven'...places where it is particularly easy to feel how thin the veil is between earth and heaven. The place where our physical Temple at New Lands was built is of these, and our new Temple will be on the same spot. 

I think also, that many of us discover our own special place, sometimes near where we live, which can become a gateway. I am lucky to live near a beautiful downland walk beside the sea, which leads to a hilltop monument. Here it feels possible to just walk through the gateway into heaven and feel my loved ones all around. It really is true - it is true for all of us - we live on in greater freedom in, as White Eagle says, 'a world of heavenly beauty'. 

I do hope these thoughts will bring you personal comfort, and as you read of the suffering of those losing loved ones. Also in the same book White Eagle assures us: 'Remember that there is always someone who loves them waiting in the spirit world for those who pass on. No-one journeys from the earth to the world of spirit without meeting with a loving welcome, because every living soul has some loved one in the world of spirit.'

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The Healing Gift of Flowers

During this time of lock down, lots of people are responding in positive ways in order to cope in their personal lives with the challenges, and to help those less fortunate. Although the media is full of stories of the difficulties, there are lovely heart-lifting things being reported too, and many interesting programmes to watch.

This time of year is Chelsea Flower Show time in the UK, and some years ago I had the joy of actually physically attending the Chelsea Flower Show and will never forget that experience. Since then, I have enjoyed the comprehensive coverage on television and all the stories behind the show gardens and beautiful flower exhibits. (On television, we can view everything close up without the crowds!) This year, of course, there is no live show, but we have had the opportunity to see some of the best of past years, and enjoy an infinite variety of flowers.

I am very fortunate to live surrounded by beautiful countryside and this spring, now merging in to what is becoming a glorious sun filled early summer, the flowers in the fields and hedgerows seem more lovely than ever, bringing even more delight than usual at this time of our national crisis. I am certainly valuing flowers even more than ever before, and the healing gifts they bring with them. I think that as we look at their exquisite form, their delicate petals, and inhale the scents of summer, we can be lifted out of our concerns and truly comforted by the beauty of God`s creation. All nature reminds us also of the eternity of life and this in itself is comforting. The outer form is ever changing, but there is always a new bloom, a new discovery as we look around us (or watch inspiring nature programmes on television), to delight and uplift our hearts.

In our book THE QUIET MIND, White Eagle tells us of the heavenly garden, which he calls 'the infinite and eternal garden', for indeed one of the divine laws of life is 'as above, so below'. He reminds us not only of the beauty of this heavenly garden of the spirit, but also of the companionship we can experience there. He says:

'Around you and above you, is a beautiful garden of the spirit; from this state of life, with its beauty and peace, and the love of its inhabitants, we draw close to you in your physical life to help you. We come to raise you above the limitations of pain and grief, into that true home, that heavenly life from which you have all come, and to which you are all journeying.'

So, even if you are unable to walk in a physical garden, I do hope you will receive many healing gifts throughout the summer days ahead, from contemplating inwardly the flowers in the heavenly garden, and looking at beautiful images of these very special manifestations of the beauty of God`s creation.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Heavenly Hugs

As the weeks go on with the enforced isolation for so many of us, in spite of the many ways in which it is possible for us to still keep in touch with one another, I think loneliness is becoming more of an issue. It now seems clear that it is going to be many more weeks before what used to be 'normal' ways of life can be resumed. I am missing the everyday contact with colleagues and friends, as I am sure we all are. Just being together physically with others is a joyful part of everyday life, which Zoom and other on-line meetings cannot quite replace!

However, for those who believe in the inner world, there is the added dimension of heavenly companionship which can bring great comfort and consolation. It can be just as real -  more so actually I think -  than on-line meetings. The  extra quiet times which we may be able to experience now, can bring a greater opportunity to tune in to a heavenly on-line meeting!

White Eagle reminds us often in his teaching of the help which is always there for us all at the inner level, if we are able to open ourselves to it. For example in SEEKING SERENITY he says: 'The Brotherhood wil never intrude upon your wish for isolation, but if you open your heart and say "come", they come so joyously and will never fail to do so.' 

So, if you are feeling lonely as you read this, I hope these words will comfort you, and you will be able to feel the heavenly love and light enfold you like a warm hug!

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Rainbows of Hope

Sometimes I am given a copy of our UK magazine Hello, and in this week`s issue, there are delightful pictures of little Prince Louis (the youngest child of William and Kate) celebrating his second birthday.

His hands are covered with many colours of paint as he created rainbow pictures, joining thousands of children all over the country who are using their creativity to express their support for the NHS and our wonderful health workers and volunteers. The magazine is running a competition for the childrens` paintings which involves making a donation to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 appeal. Just one example of the way in which so many people are coming together in all sorts of ways in this time of need.

A rainbow is such a great symbol to have been chosen to express people`s thankfulness for what is being done, and hope for the future. I have always felt that just seeing a rainbow in the sky, maybe shining through heavy rain clouds, brings an uplift to anxious thoughts. Now - if you able able to go outside - you may well see rainbows everywhere. Rainbows in house and shop windows, on poster boards and even rainbow flags. I have found this so uplifting that I have started to meditate each morning on rainbows! There are seven beautiful colours of the spectrum fillled with God`s light, each one shining with its own special healing gift, and I am taking one colour, one gift, each day, and concentrating on that in my prayers:

Red:  For courage to KOKO.

Orange: For energy - for all our NHS workers, volunteers, scientists - all who are doing essential jobs to keep things going.

Yellow: Bright sunshine to help everyone keep as happy as possible no matter what.
Green: for the natural world and animal kingdom - praying their greater well-being will continue even when the lockdown eases.
Blue: For peace of heart and mind.

Indigo: For greater understanding in every heart of God`s wisdom and love working through this challenging time.

Violet: Transformation - a new way of being gradual unfolding as the Aquarian age energy manifests more and more strongly.

And as White Eagle reminds us in HEALING THE WORLD: `Your task is to be  a lightbearer!`

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The Source of All Our Strength

I wrote recently about the wonderful way in which we are often led to just the right piece of White Eagle teaching to help us in times of need - almost without even looking for it.

I have heard many stories about this, of a book falling open at a particular page, or dropping out of a bookcase. This morning, I was walking past my bookcase of White Eagle books, when my eye was drawn to the little book of sayings, similar to the Quiet Mind, 'The Source of All Our Strength'. I have not looked at this book for quite a long time, but as I took it out, it fell open at the chapter entitled 'The Power of Silence', and then looking at the introduction, I was reminded that the teachings in this book had been chosen specifically for the purpose of seeking to help those who, in whatever way, feel in need of healing, or wish for healing for a loved one or friend. I am sure this applies to all of us at this particular time!

So in the chapter which opened before my eyes, I read these words, which seem to me a direct message from White Eagle:
'When you are distracted by material things, keep very calm, keep very still. Remember the Brethren of the Silence, whose very power of achievement lies in silence. Touch the silence, and the power of the spirit will flow into you and disperse all your fears.'

One of the gifts of lock down could be the opportunity it is bringing, for those of us who are in isolation, to make more times every day - not just occasionally - when we can 'touch the silence' and receive the spiritual blessing it can bring. In the silence we can perhaps more easily attune to the source of all our strength, the light within our own hearts and the radiant light of the Star pouring down upon us from the Brethren of the Silence.