Friday, 22 March 2019

Courage to 'Keep on Keeping on'

Perhaps the best known of all White Eagle`s sayings is `Keep on keeping on`. In some ways, I think it sums up what life is all about. Whatever is going on within us or around us, giving up does not really help. When everything is pressing, when everything seems to be going wrong, it is tempting to throw up our hands in despair, and stop trying any more, but I encourage you to use the power of the Star to help you have courage no matter what, and `keep on keeping on`.

The Star has never failed me - it is a wonderful and miraculous symbol which has the power to lift the mind out of `the slough of despond`, and bring peace and healing to troubled emotions. Just think `Star`, and visualise a bright and shining light. Everyone knows that taking a deep breath helps in difficult situations, but taking a Star breath...or two or three, or even six, one for every point of the Star, can make all the difference to keeping calmly poised and hold on to our faith. 
Just the thought of the shining Star mentally connects us to the strong inner core of our being and allows the power of God, the innate courage which truly is within us all, to flow like a golden stream through every artery, every vein, every cell of our body. Then we know we can climb every mountain (even Kilamanjaro metaphorically!) and never give up. 

If we look for them, the media is full of examples of courage, and these are so inspiring too, and help us keep on keeping on in our own way, following our own Star up the mountain side. I loved the Red Nose Day coverage of the celebrities who climbed Kilamanjaro to raise many thousands of pounds for charity - truly examples of what personal courage and keeping on keeping on can achieve.

As White Eagle reminds us:  'The Star, which is based on divine love, is the creator of the perfect life, and all humanity will in time achieve the goal of their life, which is to be fully conscious of life within this blazing Star. Keep your vision on the Star.....and a flood of heavenly light is poured upon you. May you be caught up in this glory of the Eternal Light.`

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Look up to the Light!

It is a lovely time of year here in the UK as the long dark nights are replaced by earlier dawns and later sunsets. As we draw near to the equinox time, (equal day and night), I find it is often a time of challenge, both inwardly and outwardly. Our weather is very changeable - one day it is clear, bright and sunny, lighting up the spring flowers, which bring joy to the heart. The next day it is cold wet and windy, and it feels as though winter has returned! It seems to me to be a time of opportunity to find balance and harmony in the personal life, mirrored by the outer manifestations in nature. When difficulties come along, or negative things happen, it is easy to let them dampen feelings of joy and thankfulness for blessings.

When lovely things happen, often unexpectedly, it is easy to get a bit carried away! The important lesson I think is to keep a sense of inner poise, no matter what, and the inner knowing that ‘Everything is OK and God does hold the plan’. As I write this I am looking through my bedroom window at a very tempestuous sea, but the sun is shining through the clouds. So often, important inner lessons for us are indeed highlighted by what we see outwardly.
White Eagle reminds us in the passage entitled ‘Look up to the Light’ in the book of his teaching Seeking Serenity: ‘We see a beautiful shining light that is beyond the clouds, and so we bring to you this message of and have courage. The tests you are called upon to undergo have their bright side and the cloud has not just a silver lining but even a golden one! You think your world is in chaos, but we know that with the help of many groups at the present time who are discoverinng the reality of life and who are praying for peace annd goodwill, gradually, step by step (as if walking up a ladder from earth to heaven), humanity is being raised.’

Monday, 21 January 2019

The Power of Positive Star Thought

I am writing this just after our New Year service in the New Lands' temple, during which our main focus was a time of attunement with many followers of the White Eagle teaching around the world to pray for peace and relief of all the suffering caused by war, and for the people of Yemen in particular. 

When many people align their positive thought and good will, especially linking with the truly magical power of the Star, I believe there is no limit to what can be achieved. As Mary Poppins says (in the wonderful new film, Mary Poppins Returns), `Everything is possible!`

The White Eagle teaching constantly reaffirms the power of positive thought and I talked about this after the service when we considered New Year resolutions. `Live creating beauty in your mind` says White Eagle. `That which you think today, you will yourself become tomorrow. The power of thought is the creative power of all life. As you think, so you become, and so you create the conditions which surround you. Learn to use your good thought. If you would have a better world, create it for yourselves now at this very instant in your mind.`

I have grown up with the thought `The Star is a creator of miracles` and I have seen many examples in my own life and in the White Eagle Lodge. The building of the temple at New Lands was itself a miracle - an example of many people working together with a shared vision. I know there will be many more miracles in the years ahead, and our new temple for the new age of the brotherhood of all life will be one of them!

Friday, 4 January 2019

A Hope-Filled New Year

In his New Year`s day talk the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke of the challenges of living together harmoniously in our communities and countries, when so many people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions are now drawn together in their lives and work. He said that hope lies in our capacity to approach this new year honouring our common values and commitment to one another. He ended by wishing everyone a `hope-filled new year`.

In his Christmas day message, the Pope spoke on a similar theme of hope and used the evocative illustration of a mosaic. He said, `Our differences are not a detriment or a danger, they are a source of richness. as when an artist is about to make a mosaic, it is better to have tiles of many colours available rather than just a few. As brothers and sisters we are all different from each other. We do not always agree, but there is an unbreakable bond uniting us.`

Our Queen also gave a hope-filled message about the power of family love, faith and friendship between so many countries of the world, mentioning the Commonwealth and the Invictus games.
For many years now White Eagle has been offering a hope-filled message telling us of the progress humanity as a whole is making as we move forward into the Aquarian age of true brotherhood. As we listen to world news we can allow ourselves to become anxious and downcast, but we have the choice, I believe, and this is my New Year Resolution: to choose to look at the world today with great hope in my heart at all times, no matter what the latest crisis. We really are moving forward in a positive way to a new era of greater tolerance, heartfelt understanding and world-wide friendship.

And in White Eagle`s own words, (printed in his book The Lightbringer, on page 86): `We give you`s humanity has awakened and slowly, almost inperceptibly, responds and raises itself, even as a child stirs in the womb. The earth is surely moving towards its own birth; it will become spiritualised so that its very crust, its outer substance, is changed and transcended.`

So, I too wish you a hope-filled New Year!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Christmas Gifts

Advent - the days running up to Christmas time - can seem very preoccupied with material concerns. Shops and the media are filled with promotion of material gifts, and the only sign of any remembrance of the religious significance is often the children`s school nativity plays and carol concerts. 
However, it is certainly a time of year when more prominence is given to the magical symbol of the Star! Stars are shining everywhere in Christmas displays, and probably every child knows that three wise men followed a star to find baby Jesus in Bethlehem.
It is comforting to reflect (amidst all the materialism) that the star symbol itself has an intrinsic power which stimulates the inner Christ light to arise and shine out more brightly; it truly is a magical symbol!
And so are the three gifts - White Eagle`s teaching on these is very clear and inspiring. 
We were contemplating some of this in the Advent retreat I conducted at New Lands recently. Something I had not focussed on before is that the gift of gold, is not only the gift of love and light in every human heart, but it is also the gift of physical life itself and the `temple` of our bodies, which we have the opportunity to nurture and be thankful for throughout our physical lives. Even though our bodies can give us trouble - particularly as we get on in years - they are something to treasure and be kind to. So a different thought I offer for Christmas time is a gift of kindness to our bodies (a little rest and relaxation in the four days of the solstice - the sun standing still time). This could well be very hard to achieve, but even half an hour of doing `something for you` - a gift of kindness to yourself, may make all the difference to the bright light of happiness you can beam forth to your family and friends. 
Then the gift of myrrh (the bitter herb symbolic of the suffering of physical life) may not seem so bitter, and the gift of frankinsence (of sweetness and the awareness of the presence of angelic helpers and the continued companionship of your loved ones in spirit), will be more easily welcomed into your heart.

(See the White Eagle book `Festivals and Celebrations` for inspiring teaching for your quiet times this Christ-mass festival.)