Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Fire...Courage and Compassion

Sometimes it takes terrible tragedies to demonstrate the wonderful caring and compassion in so many human hearts.

It can be easy to get pulled down and depressed by all the stories of suffering and sadness in the news, but there are also many uplifting and heartwarming stories, which bring hope that our world is changing and many are responding to the Aquarian energy of brotherhood in action. 

Here in the UK in these last few days, there have been many stories in the media linked with the Grenfell Tower fire a year ago now, when so many people lost their lives in tragic circumstances. It seems that such a loss could have been avoided, and enough action has not yet been taken to avoid another tragedy. Many people are justifiably angry, but the wonderful things is that out of this fiery passion good can come. For example, some are using social media in constructive ways to get something done. The message is`out of this terrible happening, we can help things change`. And then, the extraordinary stories of courage at the time - the firemen who went into the blaze again and again, with no thought for themselves, to rescue more people.

In the news at this same time have been the sad pictures of the suffering in Guatemala following the Fuego ( which means fire in Spanish) volcano eruptions. As some of my readers know, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some days in Guatemala in March this year, and I stayed near where the volcano has been erupting.  Please join me in prayer for the very dear people of this beautiful but much challenged country. Friends we made while there have written of the courage and care of very poor village people, who themselves have so little, donating to help those who have lost their homes.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

There is power in love

I feel sure that everyone who was able to participate in any way in the glorious occasion of Prince Harry`s wedding on Saturday to Meghan, and the millions worldwide who watched the service on television, must have been touched by the magic of love!

In the brilliant May sunshine, and the outpouring of love from so many hearts, not to mention the couple themselves, it truly felt that our world is changing in so many wonderful ways. Old barriers and outdated ways of doing things are falling away, and hearts are opening more than ever before.

One of the things which touched me most was the amazing Sermon! Reverend Michael Curry's words about love seemed so much to echo what White Eagle is always saying to us! In the Quiet Mind he says, `Love is the solvent of all difficulties, all problems, all misunderstandings' In his sermon Rev. Curry echoed this when he said:
This love, this is the way of Jesus. And it’s game changer.
Imagine our homes and families when this way of love is the way.
Imagine our neighborhoods and communities when love is the way.
Imagine our governments and countries when love is the way.
Imagine business and commerce when this love is the way.
Imagine our world when love is the way.

A beautiful message, and a beautiful vision for us to hold.

Monday, 7 May 2018

'Allah Loves Infinite Variety'

This memorable saying comes from the Kevin Costner film of many years ago, ‘Robin Hood Prince of Thieves’. I was very struck with it at the time (more forward thinking thirty or so years ago than it would seem now)!

Our May Day weekend here in UK has been blessed with glorious sunshine which has brought
happiness to many hearts. On Sunday I had the joyous opportunity to visit our beautiful Kew Gardens. The `greatest glasshouse in the world` - as the Temperate House has been described - had just been re-opened. Originally opened to the public in1863, it had been closed for the restoration, which has now transformed the old building, but retained all the beauty and grandeur of its original form. It contains one thousand five hundred plant species from all the temperate regions of the world. Many of these plants are currently rare and threatened in the wild, with some on the brink of extinction.

 As I wandered around, marvelling at the care, long term vision, and expertise of all those involved in the work at Kew, I remembered that phrase from the film, and marvelled at the infinite variety of God`s creation of the plant kingdom. 

Outside in the warm sunshine, the amazing variety of trees, many now resplendent in their Spring colours and blossom, originating from all over the world, filled me with wonder and thankfulness. The Victorian explorers of those days brought back with them priceless gifts for generations to come - worth more than gold and jewels!

Then, as I watched the many visitors to the gardens on this sun filled day, I contemplated `the infinite variety` of the human species, each person unique: different dress, different expression, body language, feelings, qualities and opportunities - but one wonderful human family - all created by our amazingly loving, infinitely wise and far seeing Father Mother God.

So much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Spring Green

Spring has come late this year in the UK. At last our hedgerows are filled with primroses, celandines
and dandelions - flowers which bring back so many happy childhood memories for me of wandering along the pretty lanes around New Lands. 
There is something very special about spring green - that beautiful and delicate soft shade of the new young leaves as they burst forth in delighted appreciation of the long awaited warmer sun!
In our White Eagle absent (distant) healing work we use colours for treating different conditions, and White Eagle has given clear guidance about this. Spring green is a colour which is often used for cleansing and balancing. I like to imagine it bringing the cleansing energy of an April shower, which in turn brings new life. (The healing angels use the colours we visualise in exactly the right shade, subtly and gently facilitating the healing process).Then there is another spring colour which we liken to `the colour of bluebells`, with their gorgeous mix of blue and green. We are lucky to have many bluebells growing in the woodland area behind the New Lands Temple, a delight for any visitor walking around our Jubilee Walk. Walking among flowers and woodland is indeed a healing blessing in itself.
This is certainly a time for us here to say a big `thank you God` for the natural beauties of our world; a time to set aside the daily worries, the latest difficult news stories, and be thankful for the new life and new hope of springtime, and God`s many miracles.
I like to end these little pieces I write with some of White Eagle`s words. He has just prompted me to open our White Eagle book: `Healing the World`. It fell open at page 53, and his words: `Dwell on beauty. Do not dwell on what appears to be ugly. Whatsoever things are lovely, true and good, think on these things. Let your ideal be of spotless purity held in the love and wisdom of your Creator. Let your vision be of heaven.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

What does Easter mean to us today?

I am fortunate in that I have been able to travel to many countries in the past twenty or so years. My travels have taken me to areas where the main religions of our world at this present time are deeply established in the cultures of the local people. In Christian areas I have seen many statues in churches and wayside shrines, depicting an agonised looking Jesus, with crown of thorns, bleeding and hanging from a cross. I feel sad when I see these portrayals of the Easter story. In many ways, I am glad that in our UK society these days, Easter is a time most children look forward to with great enthusiasm because of their anticipated Easter egg hunts, school holiday and lots of fun and games. The story of the crucifixion, if heard at all, seems to have faded into insignificance, for many.

However, as adults, there is much which is truly relevant for our modern day lives, and the White Eagle teaching offers deeper understanding of the underlying symbolism of the story. There is a particularly interesting passage in the book`The Lightbringer`, which I quoted in the pre-Easter service I led in our Americas' Temple  a couple of weeks ago. It links with what White Eagle teaches about the Christ being the light within our own being, and how we can all encourage this light to arise (the true resurrection) and take control of our stressed and often fearful everyday self. Having talked about the story of Jesus stilling the storm-tossed sea, White Eagle goes on to say, `When the soul calls rightly, the Master hears. In you rises the power which causes you to be still, to be tranquil. Your Master takes over control of your boat - which is your soul - and you become calm. Do you now see the true meaning of Christ being the saviour of humankind? It is not the fact of a physical body being nailed to a wooden cross which saves humanity from its sins, but you yourself, when you rise (or go within) to that supreme place of consciousness where you contact the solar force: your solar self, the Christ. The Christ takes possession of all the vehicles and bodies. This is what salvation is - not the death of another human like yourselves hanging on a cross, although that too has a wonderful symbolism.` So that in The Living Word of St John White Eagle says:
'The Christ in you has to transmute and redeem you, then the lower self passes away and has power over you no longer. Jesus the Christ upon the cross demonstrated this cosmic truth to all the world. The crucifixion spells the surrender of the man/woman to God, the heavenly Father/Mother.'

White Eagle knows that to surrender at a time of great pain or distress is very hard to do, but I truly believe and have experienced for myself, that if we can make just a small effort to contact that Christ within, then the light, the love of Christ, can rise up and help us to find renewed strength and courage, and help even the physical body. Surrender then, is really about allowing another, greater part of ourselves to take over.